Monday, 21 July 2008

T3 direct / Telecom 3 scam 01563556366 / 01563551351

I was cold called by a company called T3 direct. They left a missed call from 01563 556 366 (later they also called from 01563 551 351) and I stupidly returned the call. I then spoke to a lady with a scottish accent who said she knew my T-mobile contract was up for renewal and she offered me a better 3 mobile phone contract.

I spoke to trading standards and was advised that when you agree to a contract over the phone, you have 7 days (not necessarily working days) to cancel the contract from the day the contract/phone is delivered. This is called the ‘consumer protection distance selling regulations 2000’.

If, like I did, you have agreed to a T3 direct contract and you decide to cancel the contract within 7 days of receiving the phone/contract, here’s what you need to do:

· Phone trading standards and get their advice. All the advice they gave me is listed below, but you should still report it to them as they are the experts.

· Phone T3 direct and inform them you are cancelling the contract. You need to call their customer services number which is

0871 424 6012

· If they give you any reason why you can not or should not cancel the contract then ignore them as this is a delaying tactic. Trading standards states that you CAN cancel the contract over the phone, you do not need to wait until you’ve received the phone or any refund/cancellation number.

· If you receive the phone, DO NOT open the phone’s packaging and DO NOT open the sim card’s packaging. This could tie you to the contract.

· Send a letter recorded delivery addressed for the attention of The Manager immediately.

· Head the letter with:

“Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000”

· Give an outline of the contract. What does it include? When does it start? How much were you going to be paying?

· Mention that it started from an unsolicited call.

· State that under the above regulations you are giving notice to cancel the contract within 7 days of the phone’s delivery.

· State that they must contact you to confirm cancellation of the contract within 7-10 days of this letter.

(If they do not do so then contact trading standards again to let them know)

· Make a copy of the letter for your records

· Send it recorded delivery.

· The address I was given for T3 direct was:

T3 Direct
25 Bank Street

· Once you give your bank account details to a company this gives them license to direct debit your account. The only way to stop them setting up a direct debit on your account is by going into your building society/bank and changing you account number by setting up a new account.

· This is a hassle, especially if you have other direct debits set up for that account, but it is worth it. I did it.

· Check your account every day (with telephone banking or e-banking) and if they start a direct debit the bank can cancel it at your request.

· Phone your bank and get their advice about this.

· Contact 3 mobile and speak to their customer services department. You can phone 3 mobile sales free on 0800 358 6946. This British call centre will not help you at all, but if you ask to be put through to customer services, you will get through to a very helpful and friendly call centre, clearly based somewhere in India.

· They will be able to tract your application and tell you if the application has been completed or not.

· They can tell you the details of your application too ie how much it will cost per month and how many minutes you were going to get etc. You will probably find this is a more expensive contract to the one you agreed to.

· If it is still in the application process, 3 mobile states that T3 direct can easily cancel your contract with one simple phone call.

· Phone T-mobile and report this problem you are having. When I phoned T-mobile, they stated that they are currently suing T3 direct, but the more we complain about them, the more awareness we raise about it.

Remember, legally, you need to send the cancellation request in writing within 7 days of receiving the contract and phone. SO DO IT NOW. Once you have done this with recorded delivery and a copy of the letter, you have proof you cancelled it within the 7 day period.

Remember, T3 direct will try to delay you and tell you that you can’t cancel, but you can because the law is on your side (consumer protection distance selling regulations 2000). When you speak to them and you say you are cancelling the contract, DO NOT accept it if they say you need a cancellation reference number. DO NOT accept it if they say you need to wait until the phone/contract is delivered. They need to make one phone call to 3 mobile and it is cancelled.

Finally, if you are in the unfortunate position of wanting to cancel the contract MORE THAN 7 days after receiving the phone and contract, then I do not know how to advise you. DEFINITELY speak to trading standards about it though. Their web site has a postcode entry box which will show you the phone number for your local trading standards office.

Remember to have a pen and paper handy when you make all these calls, you’ll be wanting to write down all the advice you are given.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much i to like you have been conned,
i phoned t3 today and waited and hour to get through the man the other end would not let me cancell the contract even through i am with my 7 days he became abusive and said if i didnt stop intrupting him he would not talk to me i ask to speak to some one else he said no. i came of the phone and felt like crying. i thought what am going to do so looked on internet and found loads good advice from people who have the same problem as me.
i going to send the phone and a letter to manager tomorrow to the manager and going to follow your advice i just within the 7 days but they are so crafty they sent it on a weekend so could phone them and it was bank hoilday.
i will then phone 3 mobile to make sure the contract it cancelled.
bit worried about them taking money from my bank but contact my bank to try and cancell this
thank you you have been a great help. why cant these people be stopped i have been so stressed out over this.

Scam Prevention said...

Glad to help. Don't worry about the Bank Holiday weekend, just make sure you send the letter cancelling the contract. You have 7 days to send the letter, it doesnt matter how long it takes for them to recieve it. If you have recorded delivery proof of postage which shows that you posted the cancellation letter within 7 days of the start of your contract then you have legally cancelled it.

Hope it all works out. I was able to cancel mine with no repurcussions.

Know your rights and you can stand up to these people.

Rob said...

I was also sold a phone just this week by T3. When I later decided to learn more about the company I found this blog and feared that I too may have been scammed. However now that the phone has turned up, everything seems to be what I agreed for. Doing a little more research I found the exact phone and package is advertised on the official 3 network website (T3 seem to be charging an extra pound a month though). T3 themselves tell me I have 7 days to change my mind. Is there something else I should know about the company before I open the phone's packaging? If so then I’ll send it back like you suggest.

By the way, I knew T3 were an independent company when I agreed to buy. It’s a bit annoying how they got hold of my number, but who hasn’t these days.

Any further advice would be most helpful.

PS. A very clear and helpful blog either way. Enlightened me about my rights, thank you.

Scam Prevention said...

Hi Rob,
Could you have a problem free service from T3? Maybe. There may well be satisfied customers out there. But I would avoid them if I were you.

Firstly they cold called you. This is not the action of a trustworthy company. Let me guess, they left a missed call and you called them back? They did this on purpose to get around the rules on cold calling.

Secondly, if the deal is available via 3 mobile, then why take the extra risk of involving this 3rd party?

Thirdly, when i had my problems I typed their number into google and there were a few message boards with LOTS of people talking about the way T3 Direct had scammed them. They were paying more than they agreed to pay and they found out that the phones they had been sent were refurbished NOT new. Is this what you agreed to?

All of the other message board posts have been deleted which is highly suspicious to me. That is why I set this one up, because I want people to be able to realise the company is dodgy by google searching it.

At the very least i urge you to contact 3 mobile customer services to check with them what the details of your pending contract are. When I did this, I found that T3 had set up a more expensive monthly contract than I had agreed - i couldn't believe it!

You have 7 days to cancel. I cannot guarantee you that you will have problems if you do not cancel it, but i can assure you that a lot of other people have.

If I were you (and I was) I would cancel it (and I did!).

Hope that helps.

Rob said...

Well it turns out the deal they sold me is legit, so I ended up going through with it. Not without its hassles later though, mainly when it came to cancelling my existing phone. I learned that because I was already with 3 network on my existing phone I would have got a far better deal if I had gone to them directly, as I have earned customer loyalty discount. On top of that I couldn't keep my existing number as they cannot transfer numbers to another contract internally (only when changing networks). I should have enquired about this sooner, as I was hoping to keep it the same.

On the bright side, I am actually on a better deal than I was. Its a nice enough phone (new in box), and I'm paying about ten pounds a month less for the same amount of minutes and texts (last phone was from another 3rd party seller). But it would have been an even better deal if I had just upgraded with 3.

So what have I learned... it is probably far better (and safer) to deal with network companies directly. My own dealings with T3 themselves has so far been OK so I guess I was lucky. If they were trying to swindle me it doesn't look like they did a very good job at it (thankfully!). But in the future I will no longer buy from a 3rd party company until I fully research my options.

Thank you very much for your time and advice. I shall certainly question what I buy more often in the future.

Scam Prevention said...

Thanks for your comments Rob. I'd be keen to hear back from you a few months down the line to see if all's going OK. If people can get good service from T3 it would be important to reflect that on this site too.

Hope it works out well for you.

Rob said...

I'll spare you the few month wait. After enjoying my new phone so far, I received a letter from 3 outlining my new package. Like I said, I am paying monthly what I agreed for, so far so good. But yes, what did I find next to the phone details?... 'Referb'. Not only am I annoyed that T3 didn't tell me this over the phone, there was also no mention on the Nokia / 3 packaging that it was refurbished either. So I looked back through my invoice from T3, and there it was... an 'R' hidden next to the model name. Crafty sods.

Now before I go on, I would like to say that it doesn't really bother me personally. I have had referbished products in the past, its as new and I can live with it. Plus its not like I wasn't warned about this so called company. But of course, this sort of thing can (and has) caused serious anguish to other people, so I agree with you that it needs to be stopped.

So I hereby DECLINE my recommendation for T3 Direct. As a customer who was willing to give them a chance, I too can confirm they are liars. Just to help the cause they actually contacted me on a different number to what you have listed. 01563556391 / 01563556365. Hope it helps.

Now if you don't mind, I've been sold a lemon. Time to make lemonade.

PK3 said...

I had a call from this company today - they weren't particularly pushy but wouldn't tell me how they had got my number nor why they thought I was due for an upgrade.

They told me their registered company no. is: SC216382.

Address: 21 Bank Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1HA

Tel. 01563 556362

I was told their name was T3 Direct. On looking at the Company House website, that company number refers to:


I certainly wouldn't trust them - good site.

Anonymous said...

T3Direct WILL actually call you without you having to call back(they called me the other day and I ended up talking to the sales agent about music for about 20 minutes... but no sale for her!). So it's really nothing to do with getting around cold-calling laws. I work for an independent phone supplier myself and I feel I should stick up for T3. We spend a LOT of money on state of the art diallers that automatically dial numbers that are then sent through to staff at computers, some calls are dropped by the system but the drop rate is stringently regulated because the drop rate can't exceed a certain percentage of actual calls dialled and if they due, you get serious legal problems. The data placed in the system are purchased by the companies, the more you spend the better the data, but the majority of it isn't very specific. It doesn't actually have any customer information (unless it's the expensive stuff).

I work in telesales and know the process well. The agent will call a customer and go through the normal introduction and pitch being VERY careful how they word it so they can't be accused of misleading a customer. As it's over the phone the contract is signed verbally if you will. Not with the sales agent though. The 'signing the verbal contract' call (which is recorded for security and legal purposes, for our protection as much as yours)will be done by somebody else who will explain in very plain English what you are agreeing to and if you don't agree with any of it you can stop the call and it won't go any further. The problem that companies like mine and T3 face is people not listening properly, or people assuming (again due to not paying attention). If I'm being sold something over the phone, such as a phone, I'll want to check out the handset myself, which can easily be done online or through a shop in town. Just because somebody says it's a good phone doesn't make it so, it's simply an opinion. I've still got an old sony W810i. A lot of people would say it's no good but I love it... and that's my opinion.

At the end of the day, nobody can force you to to accept a deal. That's down to YOU. And, as a salesman, I'd much rather someone tell me no straight away (using as many F words as they want) rather than have them unhappy later causing trouble... and anyway, if they do decide to kick up a fuss or return something (which they can by law) all it does is throw off my sales figures which really annoys me!!! So yeah, I'd much rather make a customer happy than cause trouble but again, it's not always the sales agent at fault!


Anonymous said...

Hello I was called by T3 direct who said they would cancel my existing contracts with the 3 network if i took up their deal which on the face of it was cheaper duly the phones arrived and of i went then imagine my surprise when all of a sudden i get 4 phone bills it turns out they had no intention of terminating my existing contracts they claim that they made it clear in the verification call that this was two new contracts i had signed up to. I am now 6 months down the line and in the process of trying to get these contracts terminated I contacted 3 customer services who were of no help whatsoever I have written to T3 now on 4 seperate occasions demanding a copy of the verification call but to no avail so I am now in the process of trying to get a court order for the release of the verification call ....BE CAREFUL MY ADVICE IS DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY

Anonymous said...

Today I h
ad 01563556391 call me saying they could give me 18 months free internet but thanks to this site I told him were to go, cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Despite what the Distant Selling Regulations say about 7 working day returns I'd just like to point out something from the 3 network's terms and conditions, something they DON'T tell you when you buy either from them or a third party:

If you open the box they will NOT allow you to return it. Therefore if you've tried it tough luck you've got to keep it.

How they are getting away with this I don't know! My friend tried to cancel her contract within the 7 days to be told "you used the internet on the phone as it's been used you can't return it". She hadn't taken it out of the box, mainly because I told her not to as it wasn't the handset they said it was. I went on the phone (I work for one of the other networks) and asked them to prove that the phone had been used. They gave a time and a date which on the face of things sounded correct except the phone wasn't delivered to my friend until the day after the day they gave. We took the package to the local 3 store to prove it was still sealed and hadn't been tampered with. Customer services continued to say it had been used etc. when we produced the electronic proof of delivery which notes the time it was signed for on the Royal Mail website they continued to try and fob us off.

Sadly my friends dad was with us - he happens to be a solicitor who specialises in consumer law. Long story short - we threatened them with court orders for the proof of use and they backed down and cancelled the contract.

My advice if you are going to take a contract from this particular network or cold seller over the phone - read the T&C's they send with the phone BEFORE you open it!

Nicki said...

Hi, I was phoned earlier today by this company offering me a 18 month contract and 18 months free broadband. I thought this was great and agreed after asking a few questions.

When they rang me back after the checks I asked specifically will I only have the one monthly bill to pay and not my old contracts bill aswell. His reply was a hasty yes just the one bill and then he quickly ended the phone call.

Tonight I rang t-mobile telling them about this new offer, just to ask them if what was offered was possible, they said not really and that I would have to pay a £200 cancellation fee and advised me to ring 3 back and find out more.

This week it's a bank holiday (they rang me on a friday) and after reading these posts I'm quite scared as to what I have agreed to. Hopefully tomorrow the call center will be open and I will be able to ring them, this is unlikely, but if i get the phone before i can ring them I know not to touch it.

I now plan on cancelling the contract as soon as I can and send the phone back imediatley.

Thank you for posting this, now I know what to do.

Anonymous said...

HELP HELP HELP 3 months of arguing with 3 and those con artists T3 direct....loooongstory short, they cold-called me, told me my husb's t-mobile sim would work in the handset, so I could keep the package, but give the phone to my husband. Guess what? It didn't work, and YES we obviously opened the packaging following their assurances. They refuse to send transcripts or evidence of damage, 3 say it's up to T3 (Yeah, right - anyone of them could simply make thecall and cancel it) and now I'm tied into 18 months of bills for I phone i DID return within 7 days...(except I cancelled the DD, so they haven't actually been able to take a penny)I've tried Consumer direct, ofcom, the ombudsman...and it seems to be heading to a small claims court. Any other ideas before I hhave to spend money on this? Please help, I'm so exhausted with it :(

Scam Prevention said...

Hi, I'm very sorry to hear about the problems you are having with this dishonest company, I know it can make your life miserable.

As far as I know you probably
forfeited your right to cancel the contract by opening the packaging. You are now in a situation where you have a product that does not work as you were led to believe it would ie the sim doesnt work in the T mobile handset.

I genuinely don't know where you stand on this issue and organisations like consumer direct, ofcom and the ombudsman will be able to offer you much better advice than I.

What did consumer direct, ofcom and the ombudsmen say to you?

Good for you for standing up to these con-men. Stay strong. Sorry I can't offer any other advice. Please post more comments to let us know how you get on in future.

Francesca.Castronovo said...

I have had a similar experience with them unfortunately it was too late for me to cancel my contract. I have since found out the phone they gave me was not the most recent one at time of agreed "upgrade" and it was a refurbished handset. I know there is not much I can do (although I am working on it, but am more than happy to help bring this sort of scamming to the forefront.

Scam Prevention said...

Thanks Francesca, sorry to hear about your situation

Anonymous said...

Hi after my "HELP HELP HELP!" post - good news! I reported T3 direct to the Information Commissioner over their refusal to hhand over transcripts - they are now investigating them, and also 3 Network have finally agreed to cancel the contract! I don't know why now, but I did write to the 3 executive Head office (Look on their website for the address) explaining the situation, and finally someone has seen the injustice of it all. THANK YOU 3 NETWORK!! Quite sensibly, 3 have now STOPPED TRADING with T3 Direct apparently.

Steven said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your blog i nearly fell into the trap. They cold called me and i stupidly signed up but before they got all my details to finalize the contract i discovered your blog and i managed to get it cancelled in time so thank you very much

Paul said...

Hi I have same problems with T3 direct been on a so called cashback scheme where you get £52.50 back on 6,9,12 and 15 months still not received a penny and also called 3 direct to be told they will investigate to no joy, called today, 13th January 2010 and T3 no longer trade with 3 the customer services number has been disconnected and 3 know of this. They are clueless on 3 customer services

Anonymous said...

hi guys this is kevin i worked for t3 for a while n let me tell u... u should b first of sure n certain about what u buying over the phone, n after that as well u have u 7 days of cooling of mind period in which u can simply send the phone back on the returns address over the package which u have received n that too without notifying anybody, but do remember to keep the recorded delivery receipt with u. and as per the standards now t3 is not working for 3 network anymore